Arrears Estimator

Watch how adding an extra $25 to $50 to your usual monthly payment can decrease your balance faster!

The Arrears Estimator is a valuable tool that will allow you to compare how the length of time and total interest paid are affected by differing monthly payment amounts. Just watch how adding an extra $25 to $50 to your usual monthly payment can significantly decrease the total amount you pay in interest, as well as decreasing the amount of time you are making payments on the past due child support owed.

This calculation represents an estimate for paying off past due child support in California. It should not be used for any other purpose. This is only an ESTIMATE! 

These are the instructions for the arrears estimator for Sacramento County Department of Child Support Services. In the Number of Cases box, select the Number of Cases you would like to work with. In the Months to Pay off Debt, enter the Number of Months to liquidate Debt or your Monthly Payment Amount here. In the Outstanding Principal box, enter the Outstanding Principal Amount here. In the Outstanding Interest Amount box, enter your Outstanding Interest Amount here. When all four fields are completed, please click Calculate. The Program will calculate how quickly you will pay off your balance. 


Arrears Estimator Program 

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