Pay Near Me

The State of California has partnered with PayNearMe to enable Non-Custodial Parents the ability to pay child support with cash at participating 7-Eleven stores. Find a location near you

There is a $1.99 convenience fee, but for many the accessibility saves money on time and travel. 

 How to make a payment using PayNearMe:

  • Step 1: Non-Custodial Parents will need to obtain a barcode/paycode. You will need your child support participant identification number and your full name to create a barcode for yourself. If you do not have a barcode/paycode, create one at:  
  • Step 2: Print or send your barcode/paycode to your mobile device.
  • Step 3: Visit a participating 7-Eleven and present the barcode/paycode to the cashier.
  • Step 4:​ Make a cash payment and keep the receipt for your records. The payment will be credited to your account three t​o four business days from the date the payment is made.

Learn more about all of our available payment options. If you have questions about making your child support payment or regarding PayNearMe, please call 866-901-3212.