Compromise of Arrearages

With the implementation of recent legislation, (Assembly Bill 1752 ,Chapter 225 of the Statutes of 2003), the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) established a program in which DCSS may accept offers in compromise of arrears and interest owed as reimbursement for public assistance. The Compromise of Arrears Program is designed for this purpose.

In order to be qualified for COAP, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must complete the necessary application forms.
  • You must owe the government at least $5000 in child support arrears.
  • If you have current child support, you must pay the current support.
  • You have only one child support case open in Sacramento County.
  • You do not have another child support case in another county.
  • You do not have an interstate child support case.
  • You are able to pay a reduced arrears amount plus any support owed to the custodial party within three years.
  • You have not stopped paying child support in anticipation of this program.
  • You have not submitted a COAP application within the last year or had a COAP reversal within the past two years.
  • You have not been convicted, nor had a contempt finding for failure to pay child support in the last six months prior to the date of the application.

Download the COAP form. You may also obtain a form by visiting our office, or by calling 1-866-901-3212.

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